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Urban Artist & Dreamer from Alicante, Spain

Urban Artist - DCT46 - Dreams come true
Urban Artist - DCT46 - Space Invaders

Space Invaders

Urban Artist - DCT46 - You are not Here

You are not Here

Urban Artist - DCT46 - Robbie the Robot

Robbie the robot

Urban Artist - DCT46 - Mujeres

 Las Mujeres

Urban Artist - DCT46 - You are not Here

You are not Here

Urban Artist - DCT46 - Portrait


Urban Artist - DCT46 - Dreams Come True

Dreams Come True

DCT46 is the pseudonym of a Spanish street artist (born 1960) whose work has gained popularity locally since 2005. DCT stands for ‘Dreams Come True’, a text appears frequently in his stencils.

Raised in Alicante, a coastal city in Valencia Community, he came to Altea to pursue higher education in Fine Art. Although he stayed at art university for 7 years following an intensive investigation, he was more interested in ‘the making of art’.

He uses stencils, photographs and other mix medias to create multidimensional portraits. His artistic style has been noted as reminiscent of that of Banksy, Shepard Fairey and Mr. Brainwash. The text accompanying his images is in English. He uses English words in his artwork because he wants to ’reach out for more people’.

DCT46 is known for the slight touch of his personal history. He blinds personal photographs with newspapers and magazines as backgrounds, then covers them with spray painted stencils and brush strokes. He prefers to use stencils because they are “powerful through reproduction”. The artist has said that “the only way to be authentic, is to be recognised and distinguished”.

Among the images stencilled by DCT46, many are in public spaces such as abandoned buildings and historic walls. Despite being a popular destination of Costa Blanca, Alicante is famous for its housing crisis with approximately 800,000 unsold properties, thus full of opportunities for street art.

Since 2005, he travels to Miami regularly to gain international recognition. This year, his work ‘Space Invaders’ won an award by aMBUSH gallery in Sydney, Australia.

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